Strong Wazifa To Make Parents Agree for Marriage

Strong Wazifa To Make Parents Agree for Marriage

Strong Wazifa To Make Parents Agree for Marriage,”You always want to find a person in your life whom you can love. If it is of your choice and comes into your life, then it seems as if all your dreams have come true. During this time both of you start sharing your thoughts with each other. You spend time with each other and begin to understand each other better. That person is always there for you and your life goes well with him.

When both of you spend a good time together, you feel that you people are made for each other. You start thinking, how long will we be in a relationship? Many reasons like your age, your parents and the pressure around you affect your decision towards marriage. This is the time when you wonder whether you will be able to change your relationship with the man of your dreams in marriage.

Powerful Amal To Make Parents Agree in india:

In India, the term love marriage is used to describe a marriage that is taken by the couple with or without advice from their parents or family. These marriages can cross ethnic, community and religion barriers. Getting married in India can be a bit difficult. Especially when girl and boy are not within the same caste, community, religion, financial status or nationality. Love marriages are still not considered very good in India.

Many Indian elders are strongly against love marriage because they feel that it is a shame for their culture and also against their dignity. There are still many people in India who leave their children when they know that their children want to have a love marriage. The biggest reason for opposing love marriage is the difference of caste or religion. According to him, they are completely against marriage.

Dua To Get Marriage Fast In Islam:-

But there are some people who think completely against this kind of thinking. They think that if they force their children to the wedding of their choice then it will not always happen that they will be happy. Getting married in the same caste never guarantees that you will always be happy. They even think that if there is no love in marriage then it is not a successful marriage.
Love marriage compared to arranged marriage.

For anyone who has a broad mind, love marriage is not difficult. In both love marriages and arranged marriages, the couple has to perform the same responsibilities and duties. Both marriages include caring for each other, attachment and an engagement. This means that in both cases, love and understanding are essential for a successful marriage. Therefore none of them can be called good or bad. It all depends on the couple how they pursue their married life.
Indian parents and their thinking for love marriage.


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The difference of different customs, festivals, customs, upbringing and most importantly language, adds to the obstacles to love marriage. In India it is always said that marriage is not a relationship between two persons but it is a relationship between two families. So it is always difficult to get married which is from different caste. There are many thoughts that come to the mind of Indian parents as soon as they start thinking about their son or daughter’s marriage.

If you want to marry a boy who is of a different caste, then it is your most challenging task to convince your parents for this. It will be very difficult for you but as their children you should always treat them with respect and try to understand them.
How can you convince your parents for love marriage in a different caste without making them feel bad?

When you are convincing your parents about love marriage, then you have to be sure that the person you have chosen is the right person for you, it is what you want as your life partner. . Once you are ready to talk to your parents choose a time when everyone is calm and you can talk to them about it. The conversation is bound to be emotional for everyone but do your best to be respectful and polite.

Below are some ideas that you can adopt to explain to your parents:

  • Choose the appropriate time to talk to your parents.
  • Try to explain to your parents why you love your partner.
  • Look for weddings in your family that are intercost or traditional and also successful.
  • Before telling the parents, tell your nearest relative in the family about it and do it on your side.
  • Ask them to meet their future partner and then ask them to decide.
  • Have complete information about the person you are planning to marry, his family background, his job description and to prove that he is a responsible person.
  • You need to tell your parents that both of you are financially strong.
  • Give polite answers with your mind strong and confident. Such as:
  • “Why does he want to marry you?”
  • “Why didn’t they find such a man in their circle?”
  • “Why did you reject other people? Was it because of this boy? “
  • “What’s in it that you want to marry her?” Can’t you find it in any of the qualified loners in our community? “
  • “What will you do if he changes his mind after marriage?”
  • “What will our family say about you? Your image will be damaged “
  • “Didn’t you feel shame before coming to us?”
  • “What about your siblings?” They will follow in your footsteps and it is a shame for our family? ”

Wazifa for jaldi shadi:-

Tell them that love marriage is also possible. Start talking about it in a positive way and make them feel comfortable during the conversation. Listen to them patiently while they are saying their thoughts.

We think your parents are not your enemies. They always want to see you happy and do not think that your decision was wrong in choosing your partner. This is because they think that you are not big enough to make such a big decision. Your parents may also be concerned about many reasons such as financial, educational and social status. Try to understand your parents too.

Once you start doing this you will feel that their worries are related to your happiness. You should address them carefully and continue to reassure them about your decision.

Time to take a stand for your life decisions:

We should always think that our parents think about our betterment. They have always loved us and raised us in the best way. Therefore, marriage is a big decision in our life and they are very worried about it. You also need to understand their thinking. You always need to make sure that your decision to choose a partner is correct.

If you find something wrong about your partner then you should reconsider your decision. You have to see if the problem can be resolved with it. But if it can be solved or handled then try to tell your parents about it too.

When things don’t work well between you and your parents, you might feel bad. If your parents are not convinced even after you have tried your best, then try talking to your partner about it. He is the main person with whom you need to share this thing. Even your partner will need to talk to their parents and they should try to convince them too.

Parents may not be ready to accept your decision and may not be ready to accept your position… During such a difficult time, you need to make them rethink their decision to marry. They may have to give time.

But if you have decided in your life that you have to marry the same person you love, then you need to be strong about your decision. If you have any idea, then let us know.


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